Happy Halloween

Since most places are doing Halloween today because it falls on a Sunday…

Happy Halloween!

Fuck the Sunday bullshit, Halloween should be on a god damn Sunday anyway.

Damn so we go trick or treating today?

Yeah…Unless your area still does it on a Sunday, but a lot of cities and towns refuse to do trick or treating on a Sunday because of religious bullshit.

I don’t give out candy or go trick or treating. I’m “too old for that”.

Boy is my Mom gonna be surprised when I’m out on my own, dressing up as shit when it’s not Halloween!

I’d like give out candy at least, it’s rewarding. :>

Ok shit I hope we will do it on tommorrow cause I still gotta get a constume ready. Unless I just make a quick zombie one lol

with the darkness under my eyes I always look like a zombie :slight_smile:

I have to work tonight, the night before Halloween, which is also the night when most kids go out and vandalize the shit out of things. It’s quite fun, especially when you have paintball guns.

I know. I’m the reason all you adults cry yourself to sleep.

tonight, soon (within the hour) trick-or-treating starts where i live…I will be at Cici’s Pizza having supper at a buffet full of all kinds of pizza

Our area goes out tommorrow :smiley:

lol, they would tell you that

My friend wanted to have a party tonight because he doesn’t want to be hung-over when he goes into work on Monday.


some niga just sold me a christmas tree form his church last night and he bout to trick or treat tonight niga what religion halloween piss off on a sunday i piss on them

Just realized that they would go to church if the apocalypse was on a Sunday too!

Take this off the front page now, this is the 6th keyboard I have ruined with my drool.

When you can figure out where my avatar comes from.

I watched jeepers creepers 2 and ate some of my candy.
Some kid got killed cause he threw eggs at someones car on the news here lol.

No clue, it actually looks alot like the picture in your signature to be perfectly honest!

Ironicly, it’s fan art of Flint in Mother 3.