Happy New Year

How many bots have a birthday today?!

what’s your resolutions guys?

To merely survive 2016 would be great. The gates of hell are opening in 2016 and 2017. The only ones that will have a good time will be h-1b indian scabs and those who are shipped 6 million dollars and a toyota truck, the rest face extermination globally.

cmon man I already survived instrumentality. I don’t need this voodoo.

I got a buddy who’s really hung up on the end of the world coming soon. He pretty much spouts out this quote once a day.

Praise be allah.

wtf is with all the people with anime avatars coming into the forums recently

I don’t really care but why

the answer to anything that is anime will always be this: why not?

I don’t even like anime, I just picked a random image off my computer.

oh, well I’m gonna try to work out more

the plot thickens
why do you have a worksafe imageboard reaction image?

To react with.

To be clear I don’t really expect the world to “end” per se, just be exponentially shittier for formerly 1st world people that actually used to work and produced things of value.

He believes that a new world order is coming, but something involving isis and the middle east… not too sure.

It’s an invasion NYAAAAAA! -=(^~^)=-

does Stephane Portha count as a cute anime girl?

disgusting 3d pig

Ok, so… uhh… Happy new year guys!

Happy new year. How have you all been? The forum looks fairly snazzy so kudos to whomever it was that did that.

you’re not allowed to leave again.