Happy Thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving to all of you at Graal Reborn. :whatever:
Have a nice day!

“Canadian Thanksgiving is in October, you dumbass.” ;D

Dunno what your talkin about.




Mmm…turkey… Just finished eating… so much food. :smiley:

Did you use a spoon?

I did :open_mouth: A fork and a knife too!

Nobody cares about Canadia, though.

I do not celebrate Thanksgiving

Do you celebrate “About time”? Can’t wait to see what Cyber Monday is all about. Black Friday was pure hell … people are truly idiots for no good reason.

I got impregnated with a food baby then slept under a heating blanket all night that incubated it and in the morning I almost aborted it.

I ated Turkey, Pie, Baked Corn, Marshmellow Yams, and homemade stuffing…

Pecan Pie is the best. also have Cherry, Apple Crumb, and Pumpkin…

to make Turkey brown evenly, put paprika all over the top.

I ated tons of turkey myself. Also had some homeade stuffing which included bacon in it, which was quite delish, and I 100% agree with you Dontar, Pecan pie ftw.


U too stowen
I ate a crapload of chocolate pie with cool whip on top :stuck_out_tongue: yum

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And yes on Thanksgiving day I went to see the movie Ninja Assassin and there is a best buy next to the movies… And we saw like maybe 6 tents being set up for black friday at 2pm… Poor saps trying to get a small sale…

Thanksgiving is long over. STFU!

Thannksgiving is always over

in your heart