Having trouble getting client to connect to local server

I’m running the server on one computer, and can connect to it just fine on that computer, but my other computer isn’t able to connect “Connection cannot be established!”.
I’ve forwarded the server port but I’m not sure if it even matters when trying to connect locally…

From the sounds of it, you haven’t port forwarded correctly

My ports are all open correctly, any ideas what else might be causing the problem?

Post your config file

If you host the server on the same computer as you run the client you have to make sure that “localip” in your serveroptions.txt is setup right.

Also, if you host the listserver on the same computer as the gserver you need to set the “serverip” properly in your serveroptions.txt

[php]# The information of the computer hosting the gserver. This gets sent to people wanting to connect.

If myip is set to AUTO, it uses the IP address exposed to the list server.

serverport = 14802
serverinterface = YOUR LOCAL IP HERE

The local IP address of the computer. Helps you connect to your server if your router can’t route on

its WAN-side IP address. Leave it as AUTO unless you know what you are doing.

If you have a Linux server, you will want to change this, though.

localip = YOUR LOCAL IP HERE[/php]

Still no luck…

Server IP should be local IP. Some routers don’t like the wan IP used inside the network. This will prevent anyone but peeps on your network from connecting.

How would I fix this to allow both people on and off the network to connect?

Get a better router

So that would resolve the issue? Is there no other work around?
Is there a way to direct the local computers to the local IP, and external computers to the WAN IP… I mean I thought thats what it was doing. If it is my routers problem (i’ll admit it even looks like a piece of shit), how would I know which routers would work seeing as my router is relatively newer.

No, in this case that’s the IP the server sends to the listserver. if set to AUTO the listserver figures this out by itself from the point of connection (which means localip if listserver and gserver is on the same machine).

If you put the local ip there, the listserver will send the local ip to all clients connecting to the listserver.

Question 1: Can people even connect to the listserver you’ve set up?

Question 2: IS the listserver and gserver on the same machine?

Question 3 : Are you really sure you have portforwarded to the proper internal ip and port?

  1. It seems as though only people on my network can connect to my listserver. - I realize this should have been the first step.

  2. Yes they are.

  3. Yes, all on my computer - (
    GraalListServer - UDP 14802
    GraalServer - UDP 14900
    GraalClient - UDP 14922

Portcheck tells me the ports are open.

Yeah I know. My suggestion was do to the fact that he cannot use the wan IP inside his network

it’s TCP based, not UDP.

Thanks Cadav. I figured that out on my own, which makes me feel slightly better. I should have just tried that from the start but instead I convinced myself that it didn’t make a difference… when I really know nothing about the two, despite having read up on them and figuring UDP was more suited.

I was wondering why the predefined Web Server port worked when I forwarded it but the one I created for it didn’t. Trial and error win.