Heads Up Display (HUD)

I cant seem to even start on one, I need help. Can someone get me started?

Disable default HUD with showstats
Put your own with showimg

Now be on your way.

There’s a few good tuts floating around, try searching it. For example, Search posingapp.

Search for GUI on these forums, all the help I needed. Besides
specific questions that is…

Commands needed would be:

showimg // For showing the graphics on the screen.
changeimgvis // Changing the layer of the graphic on the screen (4 is Screen pretty much)
showtxt // if you want to use showtext or txt I don’t use it.
showimg (fortext) // Used for text with showimg I like this method better than showtext
showstats , or even enablefeatures (depends what you need really)

timeout (to loop your HUD/GUI so it updates at all times
playerenters,created, or w/e other method I use odd things like !mental || timeout xd.

It’s pretty simple… if you PM me I’ll help you out with what you need with a full GUI and every thing writtin in plain ol english to describe what is going on.

showstats 256+1024;

Gets rid of everything except minimap and player.

enablefeatures what if I want to disable hearts ove the head after I make my custom images for the health? What if I wanted to make a custom Qmenu? what if I wanted to disable the map key to make my own map system?
What if I wanted to make a custom chat sys, or nick display, maybe I want custom emotes

1 - M key (map)
2 - P key (pause)
4 - Q key (weapon select)
8 - R key (show ratings)
0x10 - S+A key combination for dropping items
0x20 - S+D key combination for switching weapons
0x40 - TAB key (if disabled then you cannot switch to the chat field with TAB)
0x80 - display of chat text
0x100 - display of the hearts over player heads
0x200 - display of nicknames
0x400 - toall/PM-icons on the minimap
0x800 - right-click on players opens their profile
0x1000 - emoticons (disable it if you want to do other stuff with control+keys)
0x2000 - Alt+5 for making snapshots
0x4000 - Alt+8/9 for zooming
0x8000 - the logframe where savelog stuff is added

He never asked for any of that. He asked for a way to do it. I showed him a way and that’s that. Let’s leave more advanced functions to more advanced scripters.

He pointed the post toward me more than to the OP.

this is kinda relevant, i want to make a new profile screen but i cant seem to disable the current one and bring up a new one. I was thinking along the lines of :
if (created ||playerenters){
enablefeatures 0x800;
toweapons -customprofile;
if (rightmousebutton){

but this wont work for me :frowning: i tried looking for a disablefeatures but enablefeatures is the only and seems to kill the desired function. Anyway can someone get me on the right track?

Hi Hi! “Heads Up Displays” aren’t interactive, they’re for information.
Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) are what you apparently want :smiley:

Read newfeatures2002.txt for more information on the mouse controls
ie: mousedown, if(mousescreenx in |screenwidth-64,screenwidth-32|) { stuff; }

Primary part of a GUI (if you’re not over complicating it for yourself. Sorry, been here too long to the point I automatically peg everyone as ‘just learned how to script a door’ by default) is:

showimg 300,block.png,screenwidth-64,16;
changeimgvis 300,4; //Changes the Layer of the image, Layers 4 and up are GUI layer.

Thanks you guys, this is a gold mine :slight_smile:

how would I make it stay on the screen like states.png image? (regular HUD)
I finally decided to try to make this thing aaaannnd, speedbump :frowning:

Mmm, yes.

I blame Graal for my many years of confusion between HUD/GUI.

We need a graphical heads up user interface display


already working on it gllt. thanks for telling everyone.

this reminds me… i need more display in my heads up…

is it possible for me to get an answer? its like you guys didnt even see this…

…You have failed to see the answer.
It is right below that post.
Read the quote.

:open_mouth: I don’t like quotes, I usually ignore them thanks!

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i have
showimg @arial@[email protected]#c,screenwidth-990,16; how do I make it aligned with the left side?
this is for my chat side of the HUD