Hey, look here everyone, it’s the heads that everyone should use :O!

DOWNLOAD THESE DAMN HEADS!!! <-- hey look a handy link!

Please upload these to your server(s)

And for the love of god people, when making a new image (or copying one over to your server) please make sure there isn’t another image with the same name already in use.


PWA Rocks!

Actually Spooon is the one who went through the trouble of getting this collection of heads together

Okay, well still, you guys rule!
Thanks Spooon.

are those the IPHONE heads or the non-iphone heads

Non-iphone heads, these are the “classic” heads (as they were meant to be)

good gives 3 giant thank-you cakes to spooon

If you must have your iHead, just give them new numbers. (It worked for the other 1000 something or other people.) If you wanted a server that just used iHead, I’d recommend making a custom head changer that only offered those and disable sethead in the server options. You could even make a new command within a hidden weapon to “setiHead”!

I never liked the iphone heads

Great idea Various, if someone wants to upload the “iHeads” somewhere I’ll mass-rename them all to “ihead#” for the people who want to use them…

How did the iheads cross over to our domain anyways?

Someone copied them over from their phone and they got uploaded here…

Wow that sucks.
Consider that huge pack of heads downloaded!

I just pulled those off of GTA. Every default head up to, like, ~1400.

this does have non-default heads…it has the shitty pandagirl head6.png

all .png heads should be the same as the .gif heads.

iPanda needs to die.

Updated the download in the OP to contain this correction. Tell me if you find more like that.

Merry Christmas… or whatever you personally celebrate…

-_- How did that shit get on GTA?

iheads i he ads

he aids