Hello all !
Can someone send me a /healall script :confused:


well you have to think of your own scripts,once a while i was the same like you,i diden’t know a shit,try to make your own
scripts,don’t ask for one if you don’t even tried

if(playerchats&&strequals(#c,/heal)) }

playerhearts=+3 }
i think that is one simple method,anyways read commands.rtf,you can learn alot of that

because today i’m in a good mood, i’ll help you.

if (playerenters){toweapons -Heal;} if (playerchats && strequals(#c,/heal)){ playerhearts = playerfullhearts; }

also, read npcprogramming, and commands that are in your graal reborn forums.

He wants a heal all script, not a heal script. Basically he just wants something to cycle through every player on the level and heal them. I assume it’s for an ET waiting room or something.

I’m too busy/lazy to code it right now. Tric always gets around to it, so I’ll leave it to him

Gais are so generous.

Anyway, @op you’d greatly benefit from this:http://forums.graal.in/forums/showthread.php?3004-Execscript-GServer-mod
Pay attention to ALLPLAYERS and how it’s applied.

yeah it might help if he tells us if he was going to use it to heal EVERYONE or everyone in a level.

Could always use shoot.

if (actionprojectile || actionprojectile2) {
  if (strequals(#p(2),healall)) {
    playerhearts = playerfullhearts;
if (playerchats && strequals(#c,/healall)) {
  setshootparams healall,;
  shoot -10,-10,0.05,0.05,0.05,0.05,,,,,;

That’ll only heal people in the current level, not everyone.

maybe he wanted to heal only the level, and not everyone? :\

Yer, perhaps, maybe, it’d make alot more sense…

first gcode in a while without any reference. here we go!

for ($this.i=0;$this.i<playerscount;$this.i++)
players[this.i].hearts = players[this.i].playerfullhearts;

yay. dunno if that works at all.

I think you’re mixing php with gs1. You don’t need the $ for variable declaration.

and he’s just reiterating everything that’s been in this thread.


Oh and his code wont work :smiley:

Just use the one I put.

my code always works

why are u guys so bad