Heavy Rain

What do you guys think about the upcoming game “Heavy Rain”?

Now, I played its predecessor, which was called “Indigo Prophecy” (or “Fahrenheit”, as it was known in Europe) and it was one of the best games I’ve ever played, as far as control scheme and overall cinematic presentation.

I attached a link to one of the upcoming levels to it. So, have a look at it guys and let me know how you feel.


Judging from the video.
I’ve seen more facial animation on Wii games and more action in Lucas Art games. D:

Not about the facial expression it’s about the rain man, the rain…

Took a look at the game, kind of reminds me of COnkers bad fur day in some aspects in grinding down buttons to continue a movie but not really since Conker did have game play action as well. I suppose my thing is why is this a video game when it’s much better to make into a movie? With these gaming console system being expensive and the games themselves always going higher in price the only way I’d ever by a game like this is if it were on sale, which I’m talking around $10-$5

It looks damned epic. Definitely getting it.

computer could just handle Indigo Prophecy piracy ftw, ill probably be able to afford this years from now when I get a new computer.

cool, so what are you thinking about getting as far as new computer wise

Heavy Rain looks amazing-- from what I hear if one of the main characters dies the story just keeps going.

Hopefully he buys a widescreen monitor.

Man, this will bring us into a whole new exciting realm of possibilities. If you’ve ever played Indigo Prophecy, then you understand just how engaging a game like this really is. It draws you in and you literally cannot put down the controller, because gameplay is constantly going on. There are very few cutscenes that aren’t interactive, either from a small standpoint to a huge life-or-death situation.

Thats right man. In most games, if your main character dies, you have to retry until you pass the level. Not so with Heavy Rain. If you royally fuck up and get a character killed, well, they aren’t coming back, but the story continues without them. Its truly revolutionary and will more than likely change the way developers look at making games.

a gaming machine…all I do on computers is play games…right now though due to economy, can barely afford to buy food each week…(damn utility bills going up)…

if it wasnt for my medicaid I would not be getting my Asthma meds, my Allergy meds, my meds for high spinal fluid and inter-crainial pressure, or my depression meds… (all together my meds cost over $700)

Wow, I played Indigo Prophecy today and it is one good motherfucking game. Definitely the number one game of '05. Though, it crashed on me just now while fighting those two stone angels in the church.

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Does anybody know how to have an ending in which the cops lose and Lucas wins? I haven’t beat the game yet (am up to the second childhood flashback).

I hated those childhood flashbacks… Ugh. All I can tell you is just keep playing. There’s more than meets the eye. You won’t be concerned with the cops for very much longer.

I got bored with I.P. too quickly. (I go through a lot of games)

I couldn’t put that game down. lol. It really peaked my interest. I loved the way the story unfolded, and the cat-and-mouse beginning between Lucas and the cops.


Another trailer for this epic game.