The avatar setter does allow php, you have to hit F13 to use it


button f13 doesnt do anything

It doesn’t even exist for me. I think he was joking, lol.

its button f15. not f13.

o my bad

lmfao mirage actually planted decent bait


you know you looked down

what does that mean???

to see if there was an f13 key

lmfao nope

there are more signals than keys though, you know dat rite

ugh im gonna go fap to furfag porn bye

Moved by request of OP in the other thread, but it was amusing so now it’s here.

fap fap fap

nothing like manly badgers

All keyboards have F13-F15 nowadays. They were named Prtscr/sysrq, Scroll Lock and Pause/Break.

This is a mac-keyboard layout that appears to have F1-F19:

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Ooooh :open_mouth:

This one has f20:

The f20 one looks really old, was it ever made, released and in stores? Cuz those just look like blue prints any artist can draw

It’s for the old VT320 computer:

O.O those don’t even exist anymore I think unless someones an antique collector


yep, s’what I said about a signal being there regardless of a key

plenty more signals than keys, boys and girls

function keys are stupid