Hello cPanel/WHM!

The server has been down for the past 12-16 hours because I was removing the old control panel (DirectAdmin) and installing a new one (cPanel).

Was up the entire night converting over 60-65 usernames from directadmin to cpanel -MANUALLY-. There may be some problems with the dns, if you find any, contact me via pm. ( i normally answer those :slight_smile: ).

And with that said… hi cpanel, i missed you ;(.

oh p.s. me and Cadavre now have the ability to give free hosting to graal reborn servers if we choose to. We may add this feature to the server control panel – though you will be required to have your own domain name :).

free hosting would consist of unlimited ftp, email accts etc… – 512 mb space, 2 g/b bandwidth. you'll probably never exceed your bandwidth unless your streamingg tons and then i'll slap you – so don't do that ty :wink:

Re: Hello cPanel/WHM!

I am intrested in this, so who do I have to kill to gain this free hosting you speaks of?

Because I have this cool server… Plah plah, no one believes it will ever be finished…