Hello everyone...

I wanted to introduce myself as I am new this site. First of all I would like to say I am thrilled with all the potential with this project as I have read through numerous threads and even started a server of my own and played around a bit and I see great things with this if pushed. I would like to offer my assistance where ever I can help with anything. I used to be decent at levels. I say used to since well its been awhile but I am sure I could get caught back up to speed. Also would be willing to help anywhere else. Would have to say some people on here are quite familiar from my past so it has peaked my interest more. Below is my info.

Name: Matt
Handle: Vincent Valentine
Age: 25

Glad to meet you all who are still around and active on here and I hope I can be of service.

welcome to the family. it’s weird.

welcome to GR dude. I am a bit new myself, but you will find the community is pretty laid back. have fun :slight_smile:

Welcome. :o

It’s almost too laid back. O_o

Go nuts! Have fun here!

Welcome! Don’t let anyone scare you away. The dogs’ bark is worse than its bite, so to speak.

Looking forward to seeing what you accomplish.

Is there any active projects that need help? I would love to help on something. Is the client/gserver still being updated as time goes? Just curious on the status of things. :slight_smile:

All the source code is provided if you want to add your own functionality to the gserver.

Matt, I could use you on some small things if you’d like. I’ll admit my schedule is a bit inconsistent, but you can add me on AIM ([email protected] – aka The Mollusk) and we can talk.
Also, the gserver has come to a halt as far as I know, but like tricxta said anyone is welcome to take swings at it.