Hello Everyone

Hi all. I just wanted to say hi to everyone. I’m not exactly back for good but I’m pretty excited about the whole thing. Brings back so many memories. I loved Elven Lands so much back in the day. I hope we can make it popular again. I think word needs to get out about the whole Graal Reborn thing. I noticed that the official Graal is pretty damn expensive for the initial gold account activation. I’m sure once more people find out about this the servers will get more players. Let’s all hope so!

Viva la “Expired Subscription”.
Elven Lands was one of the servers I stayed on for quite a while, but I think it was only for about 4~5 months. Generally I considered it a bad sign if I stayed on a server, most servers I’ve stayed on died shortly after. :stuck_out_tongue:

I only really played the main server and Elven Lands. Don’t remember playing any other ones. Hard to even remember anything…it was soooo long ago.

More people need to play on these servers! I want to get the feel of how Graal used to be lol. No way I’m going to pay for the official Graal…looks kinda lame now imo >.>

Atta boy, we’ll leech off players 1 at a time. By 2020 we’ll have 100 players on at once. Keep suckling on the power teet.

Welcome dude.

Genmo, we need to cry to Beholder and get him to share some of his awesome scripts with us.

I mean he does owe us, he did hack our old server :slight_smile:

On Graal3000 (the second one, in 2002) I used an NPC Injector to turn myself into a chicken, I laid eggs on people.

Not sure. I went on the site to see how much it costs now days. The cheapest package for a gold account was $33 after converted from euro. That also gave you like 2500 rupees in which you could trade for like 6 months of game time if i remember correctly. Paying $33 just to activate an account is ridiculous. Maybe i overlooked something but that was the cheapest I saw.

I like how the website is aimed towards pre-teens to gamble their parents money into an uncovertable currency. Not to mention he kept the numbers the same but changed the currency type to something 2 times more so people would end up paying double if they weren’t careful. Its a wonder this guy hasn’t had his ass sued off of him. You need a license for gambling and doing it to minors is a big no-no.

lol. I think Graal is the most expensive MMO I have ever seen. Well to activate an account that is. Shit is crazy. A game like Graal should only cost like $5 a month or something…or be free.

You’d think so. but WarCraft is lets see… $20 for the Original, $30 for the expansion and $40 for the most recent one and you have to buy them all or you will never see the end game.

So $90 to start and $15 a month…

PS are free. So all you need is the disc.

PS are free?
English are good.

Private Servers, in-case you didn’t know that common abbreviation.
Then again, PS is commonly used for other things. (Photoshop is one …)

Though for this topic, it should be obvious that PS would mean Private Servers … since that also fits into the sentence. (Then again, you might have not known.)

Now as for that “English are good.” comment. I have no idea what you meant by it … personally I think it was a cheap shot at my comment. Then again, you could mean English private servers. Who knows, besides you?

I didn’t not know PS was Private Servers, thanks for the heads up.

And my English are good. Was just a joke because I was confused about your comment, I didn’t mean anything offensive by it.

None really taken … anyway, if you would rather not pay for WoW … a Private Server is your best bet. They are free to play, and all you require is the disc for each game. Since you could probably rip one … it would be free overall.

Otherwise you could buy the discs and play the game for free.:marlon:

Yes but compared to most MMO’s its not much more than a chat room with pictures