Hello Graal Reborn

i could post a big speach about myself but one sentance will do. Hello I’m darkblade

he’s a friend of CrossFire*
and an iPhoner
also plays a lot of PC Official Graal

your an iPhoner, you play alot of bad servers but I dont hassle you cause im a nice guy.
Welcome to graal reborn darkblade -_-

Omgawd. I even work on an iServer :o

Two sentences. Good job.

___Merged doublepost__________________

iNewbs piss me off. They need to realize that we don’t care what happens in-game.

Do not report hackers on the forums.
Do not complain about staff from other server on the forums.
Just don’t complain about shit that happens in-game on the forums at all.

Nobody can do anything about what happens unless it’s a glitch with the GServer or something.

ok lets get something clear right now, i just play iphone (sometimes). i am not assoated with them with some of them going “ADMIN, ADD MEEEEE!!!”. i joined reborn because of i was sick and tired of Graal and their subscription system. i dont act like a noob by reporting hackers on a forum. the only thing i hate is when someone’s personal busness comes ahead of what they do here. i might play on ‘bad servers’ but i dont act like a person on a ‘bad server’

Way to get overly butthurt.

i joined graal reborn because i was bored that day. probably drunk and high too now that i see what i have joined.

haha, I love it. This shite is hilarious

OP: hi guys
OP: wtf, I might play on the iPhone but I’m a pretty ok guy.
spoon: haha, way to get overly butt-hurt.

I cannot even begin to imagine spoon’s reaction if the roles had been reversed.

Back on topic. Welcome to the wonderful world of graal reborn forums darkblade. Hope you have some thick skin. Thar’ be frequent faggotry in here.
Just try not to take too much troll-bait and you’ll be fine.

you just tried to troll spoon, traddles. quit that shit and be cool

My bad, I have this extremely bad habit pointing out fagotry. Definitely caused me to make some career limiting moves in my job as well.

My bad, spoon. I’ll try to be better in the future.

fagotry is not a word i would expect from these forums. even though it sounds funny. i assume lots of people here are liberal as fuck.

so you dont want me to act like benjiro?

“Fagotry” isn’t a word I’d expect because it isn’t a word.