Hello Hello!

Hi, my name’s Corey. I played many server’s on graal, and, have worked for Era, UN, Zodiac as a Graphic’s artist, although I’m retired, I offer critique to aspiring pupils!

give em hell, corey.

Will do!

Welcum to reborn

hi i liek trains

Ignore iFags like benjiro and you should be right. Oh yer im an iNoob to but meh…:shrug: Welcome to reborn

Welcome New Person I have never met in my life, btw, Im not a stalker! :wink:

Stay the fuck out of the Hello/Goodbyes section all together you faggots.

Welcome. To quote Dangerless: “Reborn is a joke”, maybe you can make it a funny joke rather than the stupid joke that it is already.

Welcome to Reborn.

My memory was whipped in a system restore, but, Zodiac has kept some of the image’s, I could find them in due time.

Know the names of any images you made for zodiac? Ill hunt for them in my graal folder.

That’s nice of you, I was creative in my own way, I didn’t name my weapons, or objects, I simply made them.

You’re all fucking idiots. I don’t understand why you fags need to act like retards.

coz we are retards -_- im only following proper iNoob tradition :expressionless:

welcome corey to Graal Reborn, your name kinda sounds filmiar…

Maybe because it’s a word you may use everyday? Or possibly because millions of people have the name Corey.

That’s most likely it, I didn’t use the name ‘not’ on Graal…

These 3 comments lead me to believe this guy is a big phoney!

Hey guys! Everyone! This guys a phoney! A Big Fat Phoney!

I’m fine with however you think, that’s your right. Although, my memory is not fond of ever seeing you on graal before.

You’re not important. Don’t think you are.