Hello There

Hello Random Nooblets that visit Graal Reborn!

I have a wonderful service announcement to make,
Stop uploading my shit to Graal Online.

Sue them lol

I see you like my screenshot, Beholder. :wink:

Yeees, because its so easy for someone on low income and no lawyer to sue someone who has probably spent a good amount of time in a court room; All because of some random kid on Reborn looked for shit he could steal so he could go “OH, I CAN GET A STAFF JOB ON OFFICIAL WITH THIS”

Atleast it’s not the entire assortment of my images like that other Graal Online server.

Suprised anyone has had luck with a support ticket. Usually it’s a case of ,“Oh, I notice you’re not currently a paid user.”
The idea of such, admittedly, is like licking the floor of a soiled gas station’s bathroom…

I still remember the last time I had to deal with it, in that case mind you, it was a lot of images a spent time on.

I believe the other server you are referring to was Apocalypse, no?
I remember the big fat “GET THAT SHIT OFF THERE NOW” that you put on your post. lmfao!

I have money and a laywer. :wink:

I have a short attention span

I could always have a chat with Bell about Dev NickleMan.

its the ultimate form of graal flattery. congratulations on being an online badass.

I gave a “radio script with multiple stations” to someone once, they became a NAT Admin on Enigma Graal with it; They didn’t know how to script, only thing they did was sell out the Enigma Graal FTP for some sullied and used “P2P Account”

good deal

Fucking abusive GraalOnline staff. I was chased by this dumbass for like 5 minutes and I fucking sent a ticket they could care less. He was chasing me with his helicopter (Staff only), and shooting me and ramming into me and fucking killing me. Fuck Unixmad and Stefan. Then I asked him to stop shooting at me because it lagged up my computer. What do you think he did? Continued shooting at me with fucking helicopter bullets that come out every .05 seconds.

rubs tear from eye
If I had a nickel for every LAME or UNFAIR ADVANTAGE Era has put on me, I would be rich enough to buy Graal Online.

So you would only have a nickel? (Get it, get it? I’m saying that GraalOnline sucks and isn’t worth shit!)

If you get a nickle for everytime you steal content youd be a nickleman

Bell helped me reclaim my lifetime classic account.That’s why I avoided Era didn’t have enough time to get money to buy a gun since some @$$ would always pk me then I would lose my money to the hospital.That’s why I stick to classic servers. I hope you get your stuff back,Beholder.

I almost thought you were a spambot for Bell Canada. O__o

No I am not,I am quite real.