Hello To all on Graal Reborn

:slight_smile: Hello name is ChopStickSoSushi Glad to be here in the wounderful land of pixels and Graalians

I use to go by the name Kendral but that was a long time ago on Graal Online

Glad to be apart of this revision project and I do hope to contribute as much as I can.

Probably will see me around Bomber Server it’s nice there.

We need more people like this. Good luck at trying to get first at Bomber Arena. D:

Welcome to the world of tomorrow…

Ill get there first >: D

Editing for the sake of anti-spam:

Meh, good luck here in the community. Hope you enjoy your stay at Graal Reborn.

I didn’t see this thread. lol Welcome to Graal Reborn Chop.
There’s about 3+ constant trolls, but you’ll find them in no time and learn to argue with them, watch their idiotic response, and then laugh. :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep making sounds by the way. It’s always good to have some originality.

Spooon, Kalzor, and I sometimes do too, also maybe some f*cking idiot who decides they have sand up their crotch that day.


D: Fine, I fixed my post. Happy?

Yes :smiley:

Welcome, have a fun time!


My comments are never idiotic. I know what I’m saying at all times.

He doesn’t hate anyone, you just touch yourself…

haha sike go back a few years

I actually approve of this post.

I also approve of toast.

Hehehe you all find the most random yet apro-poe pictures out there
thats just skills right there nuff said