Just joining up on this business.
I played old graal when it started as a java applet and than
up until it went pay to play. Back than it was super easy to get
files and scripts I was wondering if anyone had any levels
with a bunch of npc weapons already made that I could
tear down a bit so I can get the hang of scripting again.
About all I remember is the If and then statements
to cause an action.
OH especially possibly some bomy scripts or something
I remember them implementing as character
changes instead of pets originally so
Other than that I might ask for a an invite to anyones server that is already up
for myself and a two other friends just to get the ball rolling again before I put up something.

Thanks for the time,

Vinland is probably the best server we have on here, it’s got a storyline revolving on the madness that goes on around here. Welcome, as long you don’t beg we’ll like you.

Well said.

Hi new guy, that is all.

begging on a forum is stupid. just ask and we will deliver.

I usually feel sorry for beggers and give in

beg beg beg?
I don’t know what I am begging for but than again I still don’t know how to log onto any servers …<
I assume someone has to make me an account or something? or am I wrong on that and we can just
log on anywhere or what? I sent a message to a few and received no response. So yeah.
So I asked, who delivers? LOL

good point. i guess no one cares

He’s got the client, he logged onto my server.

cool story