I was wondering what other animations do I need for this helmet. Also I was wondering what you thought of it…

just make it a hat, unless your planning for custom player sprites. So in answer to your question, you need all directions, push,pull,grab,and that about covers it…

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also i like it

=( soo much! Ha ha ha! Well, better get back to work.
Ha ha ha!

you might want to look at a hat template… time saver o.0

Click Link — >Graal Hat Template< — Click Link

that sucks what the fork kind of crack are you all on?

Best. Typo. EVAR!

YuMmY DrUgIeS!1!1!1! xD

EDIT: Sorry, I asked BubbNutt, it’s some meds that impair his vision…

xDD Oh man, what kind of meds

these ones

Let it die.


Good thing this isn’t a cockroach then. -_-

PROTIP: Hats are graphics silly.