Help About Server!

I can’t add my server to the list…
Example: GraalClassic is Silver, Bomber arena is gold, but can’t add my server to bronze, silver or gold list… i don’t know how.
Please help me.

Go to the Playerworlds section in the above selection menu and click on the register button above the playerworld list. Once you get the code after you’ve registered your server, open up your adminconfig.txt and make it your hq password.

Also, just so i don’t make a new topic!.. This is happening to me, When i register for the list it says it worked but i still get the message asking me to register for the list? And it says I’m not logged-in when i hit the register tab?

I have issues with being logged out after random clicks. Maybe checking “Keep me logged in” when logging in will help?

I had the same trouble for a day or two, then it kept me logged in and I could register… I have no idea why

You have to check “remember me” when logging in in order for the registration to work. There’s some bug I can’t figure out that causes this.

I do, Manage tab says this “You have 0 servers out of allowed registered to your account.”
And it always says i need to change my pass in the yellow box above
“By default, your account for the serverlist is not created…” ect

That means you haven’t registered one.

It’s like that. Haven’t figured out a way to fix it without needing to change too much in vbulletin (the forum software).

Ah ok thank’s, i try’ed to do it like hundred times. >.>
OH The register tab said that not manage. I can’t register tab says i have 0 left and ask a moderator or admin.

According to the database, you haven’t set you graal password. The graal password and forum password are seperate from eachother for security reasons.

Go here to do it (as the yellow box says):

Since we’re talking about the forums… don’t know if it’s just me, but the forums no longer are marked as read even if I do read them.

Ah thats my fault. I did that when tweaking the forums performance.

I did like hundred times…? Ill try again it says it works each time?

Well, it still says your account isn’t created.[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]Okay, for some reason your graal account had the wrong ID number and the accountname had a uppercase L, does this mean you used to have an account, removed it, then joined the forums again?[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]I manually fixed the ID issue for you.

Oh hmm YEA that’s right i remember making one along while ago I forgot thanks Cadavre! I played about a year ago I think don’t remember removing my account tho…[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]Ok I just did, did that fix it?

I already register a server but idk the code you say you get

that is currently disabled.