Help! - Invalid Username or Password.

I have directly copied the arrays2.dat information from the
tutorial and then ran the Graal Client. I typed in my username
and password right, but it gave me a message saying either
the Username or Password was wrong.

Is the server down or something?
Or am I doing something wrong.

On the forums:

Log on -> UserCP -> Manage Graal Account (Scroll down, it will be over on the left -> Add/Change Password

After you change it/update it then your good.

Oh yes. I have figured it out,
Thanks… The last time I was on
Graal Reborn, that wasn’t a feature…

OpenGraal is back up, w00t.

Besides that . . why did you not check the faq? lol
I put a thing in there . . .

lol What’s the point in making it! rawr . . .

I still don’t understand how people can’t see the notice at the top of the page -.-

they dont look…they make an account for forum and automaticly thing they made an account for the server. they come in, find a spot to post, and post a complaint, without even looking for answers beforehand…classic noob behavior

But it has bold letters and it’s always there!

___Merged doublepost__________________

omfg nvm this place is full of retards