Help me with that ... problem or bug

I am at yoshiclancoliseum2.nw.
I have done one fight and win.
But now, I don’t seem to be able to quite the coliseum by the door I entered to the north.
I feel it should be the normal (eh only if I don’t use the warp ring) way to exit.

Edit: Oh well, looks like you have to pull the door to exit. I can only guess that was design that way.

___Merged doublepost__________________

New problem: yoshiclanr7h4.nw (44.5, 9.5).
Hey, I paid to have access to that door [that I expect go on the roof]!
Even if I pull on it, it does not work!

Edit1: Maybe I should check these problems are not related to me playing under wine.

This version of Classic is butts, so w/e.

Well, we have someone wishing to fix things we throw at him, so we can things become better.
I just hope, some backup will be kept however, would be sad to fix many things and loose them.

yoshiclanr4.nw, at 48,20, the doors to the house suggest to contact kakkara to help… I don’t know him… suspect he might not know about GR.

yoshiclancastleb.nw, (18,5): I have gone behind the castle, but I now seems stuck behind the castle and the castle wall.

yoshiclanbattlefields.nw, (57.5,10): This NPC fail to return me to the camp for 5 rupees.

Sorry I didn’t catch that post earlier, i’ll look these up and fix them!

Thanks for reporting.

@Spooon : I don’t mind if you don’t like this version, but it’s the biggest merge of successive versions of Classic Graal that we could achieve, the Yoshi Clan levels are a perfect example of this, they’ve been around in the earliest versions of graal, and many NPCs have buggy syntax that old clients seemed to accept (such as if (wasshooted) ).

I’ve been fixing them for years, making sure that every old level/quests work as they were intended.

@Zartox : Don’t worry about the backup, the levels are hosted on Dropbox, shared on 3 of my computers as well as with Aydun and Kelathos, and I make a complete rar archive every month or so. I can give you a copy if you want to explore them offline/propose edits, etc.