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Hey Guys! I want to make a naruto game server.
Goal is to make it as pretty and innovative as possible, if it doesn't look cool then theres no point in making it eh.

Aparently theres tons of stuff to do when making stuff, who knew? So if anyone, anyone at all wants to help post here! I'll teach you in this very thread if I have to. Also any work you help finish here your welcome to use on any other server project you feel like doin.

Random example:

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thinks of a graalian dressed like a naruto character blarf
Haha, sorry, this kind of project isn't for me. As a sidenote, I still think we need more down to earth servers, think we accidently set the standard too high or just that too many people are trying to emulate Era (not yourself obviously)

“Give me an entire system and cars, and gunz and tileset plz and I will make best serber evar”
(^- Again, not directed towards you. Lol)

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I'm good with little details in Graphics, so I can help with heads/bodies/shields/weapons . . just no Tiles. ^-^
Ma bey later though.

NO GRAAL EDITS!!! lol Custom bodies! and heads! and shields. . . . lol

lol Beholder. . .

Also on a side note, there was a server with this same concept that failed horribly. Hope you can do better =P

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Of course custom bodys/ganis for it, it couldn't be anyother way, but it wouldn't take huge tweaking to make yourself a handful of ganis that imcorporated some nice naruto themed graphics. Just take alittle while making a template for the graphics I'm terrible with coordinating things like that :s

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Mmm to clear a few things up. Actually not really a “graal” server. Not using any graal graphics or fundementals. Tilesets allready been chosen.

Honestly, multiplayer programming isn't my thing, so really it's just a game scripted in graal. lol Actually started this project 2 years back with a few other people. Thats why i'm so happy to see someone made a newer gserver. Allready got the base script stuff done, just need some inspired ppl to record sound efx and help design ideas for a full map.

It's naruto themed, but really just a multiplayer game. If you have spare time, help out!

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This thread fails.

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ppl plz we need 2 work 2gether to make my cool gangster server.