Help on my AP system?

Ok, so I’m making a simple mp system. Buuuut the weapon isn’t working and I don’t know how to get it to work. Here’s the script; any ideas? I’m just trying to get the weapon to make the players mp go up by 10 every 5 seconds.

if (created||playerenters) {
toweapons -apsystem;
if (isweapon && timeout) {
sleep 5;

Oh and I meant mp xD sorry and I know but that’s just a beta that took me 5 min. I just want to know how to get it to detect if the player has that weapon in the weapon itself.

Mkay, you’re talking about AP but obviously working with MP.
I’ll assume you have some method.
But check the if statement in that script.
“isweapon” and “timeout”
It is a weapon, but the only timeout=0.5 is locked behind an if(timeout).
Therefore, could not trigger a timeout to trigger more timeouts.

if(isweapon && (playerenters || timeout)) { … }

Thanks Beholder, I was able to complete the script!

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Lol how would I fix it so that thing where it goes up every time a player enters a level x_x :oo:

if (playerenters) …

Yea I figured that out a couple seconds after i posted that