hello, so i can acess the 222 program thing and all lvl editor as such, i downloaded everything from site i can, i have it all, i can port foward, place my lvls in worlds and such, but i cannot join server. i can find my server on under contruction i click it name it give me graal to open i click but it wont work, i got the rc but i cant login i use the same password an username as the one i use for 222 but it wont work for rc HELP!


Don’t play dumb

Server registration is apparently disabled so you can’t register your server. Sorry. :shrug:

Doesn’t really need to be registered.

Hmm. Really?

If it doesn’t really need to be ‘registered’ how can I play like a online version if it like the normal graal client by searching and joining. Server or on joining in the reborn client to a gold, bronze or silver server, I want to join it like that so I can use the in game rc and editor and such instead off editor which is offline and can’t test npc commands to let say ‘open’ and opens a door, I can only see in the online version I believe and it’s what I want to do. Can you help please.

Doesn’t really need to be registered.

I think he wants his server to show up in the bronze tab, I haven’t messed around with the serverconfig in a while so I don’t really remember what you have to change.

No, he thinks that registering his server will make it playable online. All he has to do is connect the GServer to the listserver, which has nothing to do with registering the server.