Help with head!

Im just starting into GFX and I have found that freehanding/drawing outlines of heads is quite difficult for me. If possible, could someone do an un-shaded head based on this image :

Please and thank you :slight_smile:

You should at least take a Graal head and try yourself first. :\ We don’t like lazy people.

I have tried, all turn out to not even resemble the image >_<

Yea, wasted alot of time on that game. I just like the character/hairstyles. I will definately try to create this and post it. Thanks for offering though

on graal reborn saying someone is trolling is almost equivalent to calling someone a nazi because you don’t like them

um its not accurate


[/off topic]

If you post a half assed attempt at the head, we might help you. :3


If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself!
And then you show it to a professional, friend, forum troll, etc. and let them assist you.

>teamwork says noob709