Help ):

i cant link these cave tiles ): help

What exactly do you mean by can’t link tiles?

He means transition them, most likely. There are no transitional tiles, you’ll probably have to make some custom, in which you can use via addtiledef2.

how would i use that? aha
Old post of how to get a tileset before we got around the 64kb file cap. Lol
basically, addtiledef2 image,levelnamestartswith,x,y;
x and y being the pixel position you want the image to be pasted onto the tileset.

anyone got a custom tileset that has teh transition they wanna share? (:

Lol don’t worry about nitpicking about that, it’s been accepted for quite a long-ass time.
Fact: Even Zelda 3 has tile errors.

Meh, most of these fixes are very simple copy/paste > bucket-fills in paint. The amount of aesthetic value they add to the level for minimal effort is well worth it, in my opinion. I wish more people would rely a little more on simple addtiledef2’s for fixing tile errors instead of coming up with insane combinations to try to work-around when it still looks pretty bad.

do you have any of these images youd like to contrib q:

I know who to fix this. Don’t do a tile transition. Success!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen any dirt to cave ground trans tiles. Just open the level and go to play mode, take a Print Screen and hit ctrl+c to copy it , open paint program and hit ctrl+v and paste it into paint. Now you have the colors you need. From there it’s just a matter of making the tiles, setting transparency, and saving.

PS. Paint sucks. I suggest gimp, It’s not that hard to use and it works.


Well as an alternative to those tiles.
There is a lighter brown (with less of a green tint) used for beaches.
Half of the tiles are located just to the left of the Blue Church, and the other portion are located below the castle tiles. These do have transition tiles from dirt to “wet dirt”

Okay, way cooler suggestion. Go on google, search images, type mud texture, and hit search. Download a free trial of a stitch it program to turn it into a repeating tile. Now, plop that sucker in and laugh evily that the quality doesn’t fit in with any of graal.

(in this scenario, open up photoshop or something to mess up the contrast, paint smudges on it, etc. to overall make it crappier till it fits)

G.F.Y.S. i used paint for the longest time but its crap , simple put . limited colors . any time you save your color pallet vanishes . you cant set transparency with it . gimp you can and its very very easy . sorry if you like a program i don’t but i have my reason’s . but both are free and take a bit of time to figure out . about two minutes with gimp , paint i have been using for years and still cant do nothing with . :smiley:

I manage well enough with Paint :slight_smile:

Same here, I wasn’t limited by colors either. I just don’t use it for saving.

Gimp kicks ass. :slight_smile:

im starting to think that beholder has a whole folder of off the wall photo’s for just such an emergency .:slight_smile: