hey all

The name is raymond and i am a novice lat and just recently made my own playerworld. it is very nice to meet you and i hope to see you all on your own playerworlds.

Hey! Nice to see another new face around here, I hope you stick around. Pay no attention to the trolls and you’ll fit right in :slight_smile:

alright mr.tricxta! and i usually keep neutral. i’ll lurks as much as i can… and i wish you luck in your future endavors.

Welcome to gr. Tricxta is the biggest troll there is.

i’ll try not to get on anyone’s bad side…

Welcome! Feel free to ask any questions/help concerning your PW or the community here on the forums. Have fun, and I hope you stick around!

Welcome! Enjoy your stay! =)

He hasn’t been active for over 24 hours. He is already gone. huehuehue

Welcome aboard. You said you made your own playerworld? Planning to host it on GR I hope?

Welcome to GR :slight_smile: