hey first i wanna apolligize for my prievious thread

ok so i wanna know were i can find weapon images for my weapons in offline graal editor an im sorry for my last thread i ment for you to teach me how not still you guys work im nt like that btw i want to play graal reborn but i havent got a password or email for it

You can’t be totally blamed for posting in the wrong thread, and you were reacted to incorrectly by the original poster.
You’re still somewhat in the wrong section, but at least you tried.

As for your problem with missing a password or email, you should look at the notification box at the top of the forums and see if that helps any.

The only issue currently with you posting on these forums, or to put it in a different way
The only wrong/bad things you’re doing right now are

A) Posting in the wrong section. (Out of ignorance is forgiveable.)
B) Your grammar and spelling are atrocious. This is understandable in certain circumstances, but if you can touch up your grammar a bit and make your posts more readable, we can help you better.

do yo know were i can find weapon sprites i want the gani of the knife[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]that was on classic were the player kills there self with a kife

Suicide Dagger. Was an GC Prize.

Chances are, unless you’ve played the official Graal Online before, you won’t have hardly jack shit in your webgifs or anything else. You’ll have to either google it, or download Agret’s Graal DVD pack for a lot of those images.

This might be it. I think it may have been from iPhone, not entirely sure.

thanks guys i appericate it an jw were do i get the graal dvd download an i wanna play graal reborn but everytime i try to enter server it says my password is incorect plz help

Have you set your password in the User CP?

yea but how do i play graal reborn were is erveryone

you need the client in order to connect to the game

log in with the client, which you do not get from the DVD to be clear here you get it from the forums/site

to log in with the client, not only must you have set your password you used to log in to the forums, but you must go to the User CP and set your in-game password, your log in will be the same as the forums however

there is a likelihood that not many people are playing at this hour as well, i am unsure though.

on graalonline

Busy not playing Graal.

You don’t play it, it plays you. Atleast that’s how it is in soviet russia

I don’t know about where everyone else is but I’m fapping to goatse currently.