Hey GR community

Hey guys,

I am callimuc and some people might know me from iClassic/the official Graal or Graalians.com :wink:

I finally decided to check these forums out more often since they seem to be funny with you guys

Hope that I will enjoy it and see you in the threads :slight_smile:

lol, hey

everyone went to graalians .

It can be funny to watch little whining children. But sometimes it can get annoying when they wont face the truth :confused:


Spooon already told you that you’re not wanted here like a year ago http://forums.graal.in/forums/showthread.php?3810-ladder-script
Edit: Fuck, Spooon’s post are deleted, I forgot. But seriously, no iPhoners allowed D:

Welcome to the team! :smiley:

Wait a minute… im a … >_>

Do de do de do…

I just really don’t like anyone on Graalians.

You’re an iphoner too.

Don’t scare him away. Hi callimuc.

I’m a good iPhoner. But seriously Spooon told him to GTFO out like a year ago, his posts were deleted though.

yawn What’s going on?

I totally forgot that one lol. Probably it was when I first figured out that there is also a PC version. Hehe old days.

checks profile 3000 hrs, 3000 kills. laughs
Hey calli, sup it’s me inukat from graalians, hope you remember me. Ignore Dylan he’s a kondie wannabe 6.6

not like I fucking play that shit. It’s called I afked when I was 10, I don’t do that shit anymore god.

Yes I remember you :slight_smile: and I already realized how he acts like…

So now you are 12? geez

oh,oh! cal! do you remember me!?

  1. Don’t even fucking ask.

Looks at my facebook graal account. 25hours and 5k kills? laughs

laughs even harder Graal Reborn, only place where kids can age from 10 to 14 in 2 years. Graal Classic December 2009; Dylan, age 10, January 2012, Dylan, Age 14. I’m pretty sure you didn’t turn 11 in December so meaning you were 11 in 2010, 12 in 2011, soon to be 13. Don’t fuck with math man