We should have a screenshot-of-the-now on the front page of the website. It’ll make Graal Reborn seem less dead.

Except for the bit where it won’t change for months on end.

Live Streams!

Would be a nice addition to Bomber, Lol
Place bets on the round’s winner.

Hmm, I’d try it, but JTV kills my firefox.

Edit: It also crashes Chrome.

internet explorer!

that would be a good idea though.

In all seriousness, even if nobody ever logged on, the servers could generate buzz with screenshots to show that Graal Reborn has SOMETHING.

I’ve taken several dozen screenshots in the last few days, not sure they’re what you’re looking for.


i never said i used it.

Can I place bets on myself?

Can’t see why not :open_mouth:

Only if you don’t want to make the Hall of Fame…

it’s called the rankings.

Hall of Fames are over rated, example: I can’t think of a damn person in a Hall of Fame.

Hall of Graalme

Don Shula is in the NFL Coaches Hall of Fame… :blush:

Shut the fuck up!