Hey Hey We playin this game


He’s got a pretty bad singing voice, everything after 2:50 is ridiculously off key. I can’t tell if it’s a joke or not.

i think it’s calebponessa!

No, just no. I should duduct rep points just because you mencion those parade ripoffs TeXaZ did. Those songs are just as bad as inoobs calling graalonline pc graal, or unixgraal.

Ooooh, look, the cute and cudly internet tough guy! He’s trying to make fun of iNoobs, lawl. Watch out he bites, well nibbles.

Sounds like a black guy singing, mad dawgz -_-

i prefer mayonnaise, actually.

Actually my friend showed me this song and I thought I’d just like to post it here who’s texaz

Fucking gay

You’re all fucking gay. Stop making stupid threads.