Hey Riley and all you other PS3ers

Go Xbox.

Yeah but the hacker got you name, address, billing address, email, phone number, and possibly credit card info (most likely did if they got the rest, Sony just wont admit it yet).

psh gamestop

do you also wear a tinfoil hat

I do so you cant see what im thinking.

so who wants to buy this credit card list?

only information my psn account had, was my real name (which according to facebook, isnt unique at all), and my email…I only used it once to get demo of Secret Agent Clank (which I later pirated)

You see? Next time just pirate and dont get anything legal. (And if its just a demo…)

there is a lesson for this… dont trust PSN

This wasn’t meant to start a console war. Anyways, I’m surprised Sony didn’t encrypt the user information.

yeah sure. i mean everyone knows the inner workings of operating systems and the software that runs on it. easy stuff.

It was a fucking hacktavist. They don’t want your damn imformation, they want to proove something.

I just want to say that this could EASILY happen to XBOX too, don’t get cocky just because PS3 was the system that it had happened to. Microsoft has been notorious for being hacked. I have an illegitimate copy of W7 to prove it. :slight_smile:

no one cares about microsoft.

Ps3 suuux go xbox and Pc woooO! u all sux too!

yay for wii, pc, and me.

Ive always wanted to play little big planet and killzone but eh its ps3 only

Bin laden shouldn’t of used his address on his PSN account info