Hey uhm..

Anyone good at making UI-things? If so, priv msg me. ty.

$ involved

Game stuff? what kind of UI stuff you needing. I might be able to help.


U sure this is the correct forum?..

Ofcourse he’s sure!
He’s an admin ffs!

Hes a nothing without us.

Welcome to Graal Reborn! :unixmad:


what do you mean by “us” - everyone here is of some sort of admin / mod lol… and theres no community as it is!

I’m the unofficial admin of faggotry.

No no. You’re the unofficial admin of “fur-faggotry”
First rule of Fur-Faggotry. You don’t recover.

I thought that was Dontar.

So I get to replace him?

Sure. He’s just the unofficial admin of the GraalReborn Furries.

Well golly gee whiz Wally!

Hey Joey, did someone reach you yet? This is starting to look spammy xD to the Misc section!

I want to make a SSBB joke so bad…must resist…actually, for now, does this work instead? :slight_smile:


Then, can I be the unofficial admin of inactivity/lurking? <3

I vote Koroshiya for what he said. No one lurks like Koroshiya.

Dangerless got that spot, sorry. o_o

I thought Dangerless was the official one.