Hey, Urza

Neither of us have posted for nearly a month. :stuck_out_tongue: We should just make it a contest to see who can go longer without posting outside of PWP.


I have trouble not posting for a day.


Spooon could be like the Simon Cowell of the group…

My rating system:

I don’t know about the ratings thing, seems like all they want is the classic tab that Urza and I won’t give them on the basis their servers are completely empty. Outcome would be no different with an unbiased rating system.

Yeah, but I’m still only coming up with: Empty-Limited Progress-Lacking Inspiration-Not Humiliating for a 12 year old-Tolerable-Feeble Spark of Hope Anything better would simply receive multiple Feeble Sparks of Hope.

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Could throw “Trick OSL” in between “Empty” and “Limited Progress”.

I honestly didn’t want the kiddies fighting over Feeble Sparks of Hope, I find it a bit depressing.

I understand exactly what you’re getting at, but I just don’t see any servers to be giving that feedback to. We’ve been doing that as PWA anyway, but the only servers we have around to approach are Noddess and Xialaza. Benjiro has listening problems, but Kondie is receptive to constructive criticism.

I think they just need a good example, but none of us have the time to provide one. An unbiased rating team seems overkill, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt anything if you found the volunteers and got one together.

UnixGraal, Zolderon, GtA

I was unaware you’d added anything to Zolderon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Urza just needs to fix the server somehow.

Urza and Rone are out gathering wemin this weekend, you should just work on it offline while you wait for them to get back.

O_o, i have no clue what’s wrong with it. try mass deleting accounts…

i did temp fixes it until they have to log in again