Hey, Various


Greatest Grand Uncle Ted always got a tad carried away when it came to the natives…

:open_mouth: Oh Noes

ROFL, he sent it to Nalin. What a dolt.

Anyway I did respond to him so all should be swell…

“Graal Omega won’t generate a following if they simply steal content we’ve already played. When I did log in to check out their server they harassed me with staff toys–most people tend to log out when that happens. If you ignore them they’ll get bored and leave within a couple weeks and it’ll be like it never happened.”


That fucking Omega server wrote over a fucking shit ton of default heads and body13 I AM PISSED


Can you really call it stolen though… Prolly just found it in their heads folder…

Someone please cap him at three posts a day. (Including deleted posts)