Hey, VW

What do you think of throwing together a server-startup pack?

Something with a basic 2x2 village with insides and a set of basic scripts that are used regularly that aren’t in the editor?

I was going to work on something a little bit bigger but got busy. I guess I ought to get back on that before it gets much warmer…

Zolderon was 2x2 until people bugged me.

Unix Graal was 2x2, but I think bigger would be nice. Show people what they can do if they have like 5x5 or something so they’re less likely to generate 10,000+ levels. Also I need to start on that…

Unix-Graal was not 2x2 o____o

It was like 4x5

You sure? I swore it was 2x2. Urza will go ask Beholder, just you wait and see.

Probably more like 3x3 or something, but I don’t think it was 2x2

It was 3x3, I failed.