Loving what you guys are doing here.

At one time, you couldn’t find anything on google if you were to search gserver. Now it comes up with graal2001 / graal.nl / graal reborn, and sends people here. Lots of nice resources, I’m impressed.

I setup a small Graal 1.39 server back in the day, and I’m pleased to see you guys have got 2.x working. Trying it out right now.

welcome to the party.:smiley:

Don’t disappoint us.

Yeah, welcome! :slight_smile:

One Upped it!

I could just say welcome and be like all of them, but I won’t. I will one up each and every one of them right now.

By saying . . .

OH MY GOD!!! Welcome!! Damn seriously! We have been waiting for you!!! Come on let’s get started!!! Dance Dance Revolution!! >.<!! I give you two thumbs up!!! Super high five!

Welcome to the, or what it sounds like welcome back to the Graal Reborn Community. :smiley:

Hope you have fun doing . . .err whatever you want to do without rules xD
(Note: Riley did not have his pills at this time.)