Heya !

Heya everyone,

My name on Graal is Kirzey and I used to be a staff on the iOS server iEra for 4 years. I started as a Player Relations member and made my way up until I got to the Development Manager position.
What brings me here is the fact that unixmad is gaining control over what we used to manage, iEra, and the forums that the former iEra Manager (snk) used to pay for. Since I don’t want to have anything to do with these corrupted people, here am I.

Even though we did our best to keep him away both from iEra and our forums, as long as we resigned, nobody was there to contest it, so he got control of the server, and our forums (Era-Go).
If you’ve read Anero’s Hello thread, you’ve got the overall idea of what happened. Snk was away, and unixmad slipped in iEra’s RC, made HomelessWitch temp Manager, and this is where things started to go downhill, she is the worst person for managing, like literally.
Her English level is beyond acceptable, she cannot form a sentence without making grammatical errors everywhere.
When she came in, she made about 30+ devs staff change their way of working to her liking, forced the whole section to move from Kik to Discord (so unixmad, and these other corrupted Managers could see what we were up to), and never ever tried to communicate with the higher ranked staffs “Management Team”, instead she’d take decisions on her own, and whenever we asked for communication, her dog, DarkLink (aka Carlito, aka Wife Beater) would come in and protect her.

At this point, we just gathered all the staffs that were unhappy with the situation that wouldn’t change, some resigned a few days later because they wished to finish their projects, some resigned the same day as we did, etc… For my case, I just gathered all my unfinished projects, and removed them off the server, so they don’t use them and claim it theirs, then I resigned.

Since I felt like the players were in the right to know why 14 staffs resigned all of a sudden, I wrote a letter, explaining everything that happened in details, I uploaded it on pastebin, but I didn’t want that letter to be too easy to get, so I purposely encrypted it in HEX, Unicode, Binary, fowarding players to different links, until they would get to the final pastebin link, and be able to read my letter. After players decoded it, and read it, it had a huge impact (an impact I honestly didn’t expect), and that got me to be threatened by unixmad, saying that he’d take drastic measures against me, to take me down. I obviously wasn’t scared, since that’s unixmad hobby, to threaten people with his team of fake international lawyers. If some of you are interested, I could get you the link of the letter.

After that, my PC account got unlinked, and my iOS account was jailed, few weeks later, my forum (Era-Go) account has been permanently banned.

I could say a lot more things but I’ll stop it there haha, that’s what happened on iEra overall.

I’ll respond to this post, but since you and Anero are of the same ilk this really addresses both of you.

First off, welcome. We really aren’t as bad as Official tends to make us. I’m not sure where it comes from as we are a pretty small community who doesn’t tend to crossover to Official. The members that we do have that are active in both communities seem to be very cautious about not promoting what we do here on the Official forums (it is not tolerated there anyhow).

I think our ethos, if I can speak on behalf of people here, is that we simply enjoy(ed) Graal. We’d like to see “it” active again (a return to the “golden years” if you will) because the platform is fun and interesting. If done right, we all know the potential this game has. I think there is a push to keep things fun and free, which means a community built by itself, maintained by itself. We are united by our experience with Graal and, mostly, were driven away by Graal mismanagement. I’m not sure what the overall draw to this game that we all share is, but it keeps us here and, now, brings you here.

I think there are few things that I’d like to point out here before you ask:

1.) We are not anti-unixmad, anti-Graal. We aren’t hackers. We may have started out like that almost 10 years ago (I’m actually a little fuzzy on those details), but we aren’t anymore. We are mostly dedicated, as of now, to developing our own client which is specifically not Graal, but could support a Graal-like game. Effectively freeing us from the Graal name and the ever-persistent presence of unixmad. (See these really wonderful people and their projects: https://graal.in/forum/platform/client-development)

2.) Currently there is no support for an NPC-server. Everything is done clientside.

3.) We still use GS1, there is no GS2.

4.) Player-worlds grow and die here. We don’t have anything currently that you’d call a fully functional player-world. There are several developments happening at any one time. We are hoping that someone can make a full one that is sustainable. The nature of our situation makes it difficult (that is–small community, limited functionality).

5.) We all have our Graal stories which drove us here. We’d be happy to have you if you stay. Just know this is still a primitive operation.

Anyone of the community members will feel free to correct me if I have misstated anything here.

Welcome, Kirzey. Thanks, Mollosk. You said it all I think.
I have been driven away from Graal because it became pay to play and I didn’t ever want to pay for a less good version of what was so great when it was free. I came here in the early days and yeah, what Mollosk said is true. It’s also true that people here are much more open to the idea of cooperation than they used to be. (Which is why I didn’t stay… I think it was even more than 10 years ago).

My post wasn’t intended to look like I came here because this is an anti-graal, anti-unixmad community haha. I just stated out the main reasons of why I quit/resigned from Graal, and came here instead. I’m new to the forums even though I signed up on here on 2010.

Let’s be honest, we’re all anti-Unixmad in the sense that we just don’t fucking like him.

Fellow iGraal influx user, welcome!

It would be great if more people followed your example. The sooner people stop playing Graal, the sooner Unixmad can kill himself. oops was that too edgy?

Welcome Kirzey! It is precisely the open minded and intelligent approach keeping graal’s enjoyable gameplay and capability that legitimizes these forums and everybody on it. We’ve got a lot of fresh stuff happening. We should all anticipate a good run for a few years, as new things start to materialize in the near and long term future, including a future client. I know myself and many others here are intent on having a hand in establishing game content and the community and keeping to the like mindedness and shared interest that brings us together here.

Welcome to the forums Kirzey. I always appreciate a new face around here. I too and many others here have had Unixmad threaten his “international lawyers” upon us. Hope you enjoy your stay :slight_smile: