Hi everyone

I just wanted to say hello to everyone here. I first started playing Graal around 2001, and I recently found myself missing the old Classic server. When I found out I could play it again here, I had to join up.

So, thank you to whoever it is that makes this possible. If you played before, you might remember me for rocking the LOG guild tag into the mid-late 2000s. Don’t be afraid to say hey if you remember the good old days.

Hey, and you have spooon to thank I beleive =P

Thanked him personally, several times.

Hey man. I played on the 2001 server. I don’t remember you, but I was young then. Welcome to the Reborn community.

Oh hai there. Welcome =)

Spooon, Kalzor and skoopa for the Graal The Adventure server.
Nalin, Joey, me and a bunch more people to thank for making it possible to begin with. :slight_smile:

And Com013 for Nimda.

I didn’t really play on any server besides N-Pulse and Graal the Adventure, so the name doesn’t ring a bell.

Welcome anyways.

Welcome. Please enjoy your stay.