Hi I am new here


I am new here my name is Holly R. Malin.

Thank You!

Welcome and hello, what is your purpose here?

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i am looking for best marketing strategy for new business.

Well you got to determine what your brand conveys, be it reliability, relatability, wittiness, luxury; that kind of thing. More importantly, you must decide who you want to market to; lots of brands fail for overlooking that point or aiming at an audience that’s too wide. Only then, you develop your branding, the image of your company.

Finally, you make ads and things like that. A facebook page, an instagram (using everlike to automatically like hashtags related to your brand), a youtube channel if you want or pay influencers to rate your product, a website, facebook ads (with trial and error, multiple small campaigns targeting specific people until you find one that works then you scale it up), maybe website ads then. Don’t forget to make use of the facebook pixel on your website to track the conversion rate of people coming from facebook (if I remember well).

Also, make sure your website is a good conversion funnel, there are tools to figure that out, but don’t use cheesy techniques such as the “Maria just bought X product” appearing bottom left. Or the fake limited time discount timer. It can be insulting to some people and can work against your branding.

From the top of my head, that’s all I know about marketing a new business; or about branding. I’ve studied graphic design so it’s part of my interests. Good luck.

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