Hi, I'm unbanned <3

Yeah, so, I’m unbanned. Dangerless got mad at me, and banned me for no reason, It’s okay, because, I’m back! :smiley:

welcome back

Omfg I thought u quit. I love you broth- who the fuck are you?

hi unbanned

wtf? You can’t be that new.

I think Kondie beats this kid up in real life.

LOL, ask Kondie if he’d hold his own fighting me. Really, if you think he beats me up, Ask him, if he could beat me up. :smiley:


Nope what?

Nah. He’s not the guy you wanna mess with, I just mess with people cause everybody at school loves me and they don’t care what I do to them.

Yeah son. don mess with me.
I don’t like how you fuck with everyone and no one cares.

Say that to the ganster in the dark alley

I’d back kondie.

I still can only read your name as ‘Pajamas’.

I imagine you to be wearing footie-pajamas. After all, those are the best kind of pajamas.

R u like a real life ganster?

pajama fetish

dont rub pajama man the wrong way or he’ll put you to sleep. then you will be the one wearing pajamas.

meh i’d rather wake up in panties or something exciting