Hi Trollets

Hi Friends. I know we’re just going to get along fine!
Or else…

:redface: you wouldnt dare mess with trolls here, theyll eat you. There canabals!

I’m sure your Trolls are a lot of fun. Unlike Australia.

Someone match the IP of this account to all active people on this forum. I’m willing to place a bet its hossler/tricxta/Kondie.

I’d bet agenst that Kalboy.

100% sure it’s not me or Tricxta. Kalzor is a dick btw.

I’m Kondie Muhahahah

Really? Are you trying to get me banned? Someone please track this IP…

I’m not. but Tracking my IP won’t help. You know who I am…

shut the fuck up mofo

Pretty sure if anyone gave a shit, we can tell who you are by the spelling.

Ooh! Ooh! Can I make a quick guess?1 (・ヮ・)

Someone just ban this little 'tard. He’s probably a potty-mouthed nine year old that just learned what a forum was…


i am a troll and boo

its like it’s 2012 alrdy/

Little River, South Carolina