Hide unreachable servers

Make it so the listserver attempts to connect to a server, if it can’t connect it sends a special packet to the server letting it know that it is unreachable and hides it from the server list.

The GServer then notifies any RC that logs in that the server is unreachable from the internet so has been hidden from the client list.

Yes! Please please please do this!

that would be a good thing to have

And make the Listserver send a message to the GServer [Console wise] that the server is not port forwarded correctly. O_o

It has been requested before. If I get around to modifying the gserver again, I’ll try to implement this as well as UPnP.

I wonder how hard uPnP is to implement, I might give it a shot.

and do remember the ppl who uses joey stuff, u will have to force him to update

That’s why we try to get many worthwhile updates into one neat lil package o_o

yup, its a good idea to do it that way

It might be difficult. I would have to program code to determine the broadcast address for the user’s router, which involves their IP address and their gateway address. So, step 1 is determining their local IP address and gateway. Step 2 is writing the code to send out the UPnP discovery request. Step 3 is reading the reply and sending out the port forward packet. Step 4 is designing a system to stick this all under its own thread so that we can stick the “Hide Unreachable Servers” code under it too.

uPnP is load of crap, better to just have an external exe that fowards the port and just have the server run it with the server port as the command line :stuck_out_tongue: