Hire me.

I can do ganis and other minor but useful stuff.


I could show you my abilities; but I want to reach someone that is sane first.

Beholder is super sane.

A little too sane if you ask me. o_O

Perfectly sane… for a Canadian! Nah, but seriously, I had some stuff you could do, but then you started demanding a clean bill of mental health…

You should know that everyone is unhinged >_>

what you should do is make a test gani to show us your skill, post it on here using the insert image button.

This person is trustworthy

I know him hes very good:fro:

But we don’t know him or you. Plus with the name Stefan, that’s a name that won’t exactly get you places, especially in being serious.
Case and point, the “bitch” of “Graal’s one true Enemy” is named Stefan.

Seriously guys, the kid just wants something to do and a bit of credit for it.

Best test of gani making skill is a good movie. Start with an intro for graal reborn, you know, better than the old flash intro on the old Graal website where the guy totally bombs the town. To make it easy, it only has to be three minutes long, have badass awesome music, and involve Stefan suffering in about a dozen different ways. Then Beholder will consider taking you seriously enough to consider hopefully maybe reading your next post.

I’ll agree with him to an extent. If you want to people to take you seriously with a name like that, provide samples of your work before you do anything else. Maybe not to Garacat’s specification; instead, show us some stuff you’ve already done.

and making multiple accounts to try and get people to trust you doesnt work.