Hiring Moderators/Police

Position: Head Moderator and Moderators
Description: As a Moderator your job is to ensure the game is being played as designed. They no players are harassing other players, within reason, taking advantage of bugs/glitches and ensuring players have a good experience on the server as a whole.

If you are a mature player looking to help create a server that is fun for everyone we are looking for you. Please go to our site and apply, any past work on any servers should be included in the app.


This kinda application should be put on hold untill you have enough players to warrant Rule Moderation.

You’d think so, but I want to get to know people that I’ll be working with. And in my opinion this job is a lot more than just, banning people for cussing.

No, it’s less than that. It’s sitting around waiting for nothing to happen because nobody plays Graal Reborn.

Little, good attitude.

Besides the

Kind of invalidates Dontar anyway.

i am with Little and Dontar on this one, now many people play Reborn so if you ban anyone you will be cutting down your percentage player base my quite a bit. i know you cant have players running around breaking all the rules but with very little amount of players online you will need to find a way to control miner rule breaking and block any major rules form being broken, then when anything does go wrong you only need one guy to sort it, and you can use banning as a last resort, maybe after 3 times in the jail in so little time.

however Spyder’s comment about much more than banning is right, GPs/Mods do more, in a game like this you cant be expected to hire FAQs for each server and have GPs as a differnet job, if you have soo many jobs on one server going then everyone will be staff and no one will be players.(if you couldnt work it out that says GP/Mod = FAQ too)

infact i dont think you should hire GP/Mods as new jobs, but make some of the people that get the NEEDED jobs to work as GPs/Mods as well as NATs, LATs and GATs, the less people you hirer the more players you could get.

In order to ban someone, wouldn’t that require some set of standards to begin with?

That would be nessessary.

well Hacking the server is almost always a banning offence and is quite hard to stop anyone who knows how to do it, you end up Banning them and even then they can just make more accounts but it does get silly after a while and they should give up and get bored if they have any reminance of a life.

Pulling out that little blue cord in the back of the computer, usually does the trick.

ok rewording… hard to stop them with out killing the server.
Happy now lol

The GP status is just useless …

The whole GP status is a useless one … shouldn’t all staff be able to keep on the lookout and jail/ban someone? lol
Same for FAQ and ET. It can all be thrown into LAT/NAT/GAT/SAT(Server Admin Team-Owner+Co-Owner) … lol

Don’t give me “Oh, but they might be busy…” lol You always have time to look around. xD
GP/FAQ/ET was made for Managers who wanted to hire their no-talent buddies. :smiley:

Instead of banning the hacker, just jail him … forever. lol Can’t do anything inside a jail.
If he gets another account, just do it again … How much effort does it take to jail someone? Not as much as it takes for them to make another account. lol Which is still very little … lol

Anyways, GP/FAQ/ET are useless … :smiley:

Then again, banning is even quicker.

Having a secretary is useless, why cant people just answer their own phones… Oh they are busy doing their job? So they hire someone else to aid and assist?

I’d rather you start you’re own thread to discuss the theory and reasons behind the positions of a GP/Mod.

Don’t get snappy at me, I just put it in this thread since it is about you hiring GPs.
I was putting my 2 cents in on you hiring them. lol

Also, they aren’t busy enough to not answer their own phones … lol The fact you think so is eh … anyways~
You also can’t compare anyone in a business profession to a Graal Administration Team. lol That’s just not comparible.
A secretary is a bonus, not a neccessity. lol
I won’t post another reply. :smiley: It’s just not worth it.

(Also in that other post of mine, I’m basically saying you don’t need them. :D) You are probally just wanting to get numbers … which does help in a way. lol
Rather than focus on useless types of staff, get more development types. lol

We can IP ban.

I like you’re case.

The watermark is cool too.

Managers can hire whoever they want, even friends. There is nothing wrong with hiring someone you know, I think it’s a good choice to hire someone you know since you already know how they act and what kind of character they have and I assume you trust them to an extent. Managers also have the authority to run their server how they deem fit. The positions on playerworlds are basically volunteer jobs so Equal Opportunity doesn’t really apply here.

I disagree, I think ET are useful as if you can get people in different timezones they can come on and run events when you’re sleeping / at school / at work, etc.

Whereas with your staff you want to try and get them as close to your time zone as you can so that you can discuss the direction of the server.

GP and FAQ however. Used to be of the same job.

GPs started refusing to help players, a player made guild called FAQ was made to help others. Eventually the guild because a well known staff position, the global guild was sent out on their ass and the division between GP and FAQ remained.

Tried setting them together on Babylon a few times. “Its too much work”.
Bullshit. I did every one’s job, I would ban 130 out of 131 hackers in a month.

The only things the GPs were known for were watching spars and turning their tag on after they didn’t feel like Pking any more so no one could hit them.

When trying to make the GP position whole again, the GP Captain refused to work, his followers did in kind. I should have fired the whole lot then and there to be honest.