Enigma is currently hiring all forms of staff.

  • Non-Developement
  • Events Team
  • FAQ
  • GP
  • Uploader
  • Guild Admin
  • LAT
  • NAT
  • Developer
  • SFX
  • Gani Team
  • GAT

There are currently no Admins or Chiefs within any of these ranks so it should be fairly simple to move your way up through the ranks. If you are interested either send me a message on here or see if I am on the server for an interview.

Please don’t waste anyone’s time, if you are interested in a non-development position I will not accept anything short of a paragraph, I’m looking for intelligent, responsible players. Because of this a message saying “I WANNA BE STAFF” will not be accepted. Thank you for your cooperation.

well i wanna be staff. i can do anything.

Well what do you prefer, we have all positions open at the moment. As I said though, no one liners so please think out what you would like to be and why you qualify for that job. Thanks.

Events Team/GP for me but do not actully rely on me to be there all the time though (This is not a bad thing) cause i have a server of my own that is not on Graal Reborn. I hos it, i matinence it since the admins i hired are such lazy f*cking bastards and don’t do their job. I endup doing all the work but its not that hard.

I know my way around administration, hosting, events and being everybodys guy naturally. So you don’t have to hire me if you don’t want to. I understand. Good luck with the server anyway.

No talent loser.

I need hard working, reliable staff, not someone who can be on only on occasion, running a server you should know that I can’t hire someone who I don’t know is going to be active.

me do good.

Oh yeah? Don’t you already “work” on Kandora?

Yeah multi-staffing definitely brings down the value of a staff member haha

not right to quantify a person’s value. i think all devs should unionize right now.

___Merged doublepost__________________


Haha wasn’t meant to be insulting my friend. But think of it like this, you work extremely hard on a server, time to pick an Admin comes around, any sensible Manager would pick someone who only works for their server over someone who works on other servers as well. I mean we have some people on Enigma who lend a hand on occasion however they have very little rights as far as the server is concerned.

How dare we judge a person on the quality of their character and not the color of their skin!

exactly. i think beholder is the only one who understands my mentality when i post on the Graal Reborn Official Forums.

Problem is online we can not see their color take this guy for example: :fro: Obviously white, but with a mooleyfro. These things happen. LMFAO

You have a RC on Kandora, hosler.

sure do

So you have RC but you don’t work there? lol

I have the global (Harmonia Staff) tag and I don’t work there, then again nobody else actually worked on Harmonia. More of a donate/throw out lebbles deal I believe.

How is that relevant? :confused2:

Makes perfect sense. Harmonia was a mixture of different servers.