oh yes indeed we are now hiring, zomg!

The time has come for us. We need more staff!
Why not apply and work for such a special server?
Just fill out this application and submit it here.

Positions Available


I’ve heard of LAT, NAT, GAT,and GPs, but what are "SAT"s and “Uploaders”?

Uploaders are staff who upload custom heads shields and bodies. I think its a pointless spot. Also, sat is special effects.

you staff on noddess mirage?

also don’t get carried away there Ben -_- theres better servers then noddess that are not worth calling special.

A SAT is actually ‘Sound Administration Team’. It’s quite the important job!

Special effects and Sound effects are the same thing. Also, no I don’t work there anymore tricxta.

Not really…

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And uploaders should be part of GATs job…

Well considering the SAT will be the people who compose the overworld music, without overworld music a server can be quite boring.

I disagree because i usually keep graal muted.

However, most people probably don’t. I’m just saying in-game music don’t make much of a difference for me compared to level appearance,and the other graphical aspects of the server.

I keep everything muted and Riley cant slash to get my attention so he disconnects me.

your Noddess advertisement, doesn’t match what you currently have released. Do you have any idea when the guard will go away, allowing players to progress further?

P.S. Thanks for all your hard work, I enjoy your server and can’t wait for more!

Holy shit! It’s a rainbow!

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  1. 10
  2. i workd on iphone
  3. admin
  4. like 4 years
  5. i was admin on iphone graal and i think ill be good admin

If you would like to be hired please respond. Any derailing will simply piss me off.


  1. 19
  2. Not really, I own Evi but I’m getting bored of it honestly.
  3. Can I be multiple things aka a Dev?
  4. 98 :stuck_out_tongue:
  5. It would give me something to do :slight_smile: I could help make it all look pretty good; Just don’t depend on me for a shit box of stuff ya know?

wow twiggy, it looks like your not lieing… Please be lieing! PLEASE!!! DONT DO THIS!!! EVI is great, much better then noddess. DONT DITCH IT! YOU CANT, YOU WONT!

Wow! You would be a great worker. I will try to hire you after school. Today is Friday, the day when awesome things happen.

:frowning: mine was awesome too, was it not?


A warm welcome to our newest staff member, Stryker :smiley: