Hole tile respawn addition

I propose that the hole tile respawns like a bush would.

So i’d do this if I had a working compiler, but I don’t… so if someone could add the value to the svn so as for the benefit of us all it’d be appreciated.

I assume no one has any objections to this. And it saves having to place a npc to respawn tiles in place of holes which is a terrible solution…

All that needs changing is for 0x72A to be added to the array in TLevel.cpp so it becomes:

short respawningTiles[] = {
        0x1ff, 0x3ff, 0x2ac, 0x002, 0x200,
        0x022, 0x3de, 0x1a4, 0x14a, 0x674,

If the version could also be compiled, that’d be an added bonus and greatly appreciated. Cheers.

In the original source a comma is included after the last element, is this some kind of weird c++ syntax or purely a coding error?

That last thing might rather be somebody’s personal coding style rather than a syntax error or weird c++ syntax. Either way works.

I could add it as is, but the current build being developed upon acts rather strange, so I’d suggest just getting you a IDE to compile the 2.4.0 gserver from the svn yourself with your added code.

Code::Blocks is free and somewhat easy to use.

It’s valid C++ code. It’s helpful to leave it there if it’s an array that might be added to later.

What? How? I sure hope this conclusion isn’t based on kalzor’s expert assessment.