People I’m reporting
Isomod (aka imattgraal)

Isomod’s report
I fired him, he gets mad, then he makes a new server, its called ievents, i log on, it stole the osl from exotic as well as the hat system i recieved from a friend(no im not standing up for exotic, cuz youre next)

darblade’s report
currently, his server shouldnt be on the playerlist, its too fucking under developement to be under bronze, i log on and finish the current content in 5 seconds, i also cant stand logging on to find out 3/5 of the players are rcs
it should be under staffonly/hidden until a good 10 minutes is playable
(and i fucking hope you didnt steal my demonic scythe which i stole from zodiac but i made the script so yea, ill see to that when i see the scythe with my eyes) in general, exotic is a bad server

no i am not being picky here, im just talking truth

Personal opinion, its the same case with many servers… Just live with it because everyone has equal rights which makes it graal reborn. Apart from the admins coz there not communists

i sounded like benjiro back there

Reports from in-game dont belong here. This subforum is for incidents that happened on the forums. If you have a problem on the game, PM a PWA. If you cant find a PWA, check the server PWA, as Urza’s almost always there.

How many times must I fucking say it? DO NOT POST YOUR FUCKING IN-GAME DRAMA ON THE FORUMS!