HolstProject Gallery

Hey, this is my gallery for the server i’m currently working (mine).

1st boss (not finished):
and finished (thumbnails):

Screenshot (idle - new tiles (only for the boss1) - and columns):

Is it the goatse-monster?

Nope, just the first boss. I invented it myself :).

(New Screenshot)

Cannot unsee.

That aside, this looks pretty good in game, although, might fit in the game a bit better with a more definite outline; perhaps using a darker color for the outline.

You could make it blend with the tiles to make it grow out of the sand better

I obviously approve :smiley: . It could use a bit more contrast with the level, perhaps a little more shininess and dimension, but other than that it’s a good solid well rounded monster. It’s good and has potential. It kinda reminds me of one of those old school Zelda bosses. What kind of attacks and movements will it do? and does it have a side, rear and diagonal images? Attacks that drag the player under ground or into it’s mouth and hold the player for a few seconds while draining hearts may be cool. Tentacles that pop up in and out of the ground at random and do damage may also be cool. Lots of possible ways to go with this boss. Perhaps it could be a whole species of baddies and bosses with big ones, small ones, different colors, strengths and varieties.